You won't believe how easy and cost-effective it is to advertise on television!

Our  Producers have created over 300 television commercials for Tasmanian businesses and organisations, from statewide franchises to family businesses and sole traders.

If you've watched commercial television in Tasmania in the last ten years, then you have watched our work.


Studio Luck Dragon offers a complete television commercial production and media booking service. We can create a great television commercial from scratch, or work with your pre-existing materials, to create an effective ad that speaks to your customers.

Our television commercials are  proven marketing tools; one of our clients reported a 240% increase in quarterly sales during the initial run of their television commercial!

Maybe you want to advertise on television but you're not sure how to get started. Maybe you have a great idea for a TV ad and want somebody to realise your vision. Maybe you have regular sales events or special prices and you want to keep your customers up to date.

Studio Luck Dragon can help.

Advertising on television in Tasmania is easier than you think... and it works!

See more of our Tasmanian television commercials in the playlist below:

We can advertise your business on Tasmanian television or nationwide.

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